We faced two communications issues – the existing brand of the charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK, and the brand of dementia.
The charity was well known in the scientific community but public awareness was low.
Dementia itself was obscured by misconceptions, assumed by many to be a natural part of ageing, with a feeling that nothing can be done to stop it.


The charity already had scientific credibility. The missing piece of the jigsaw was a sense of dynamism and optimism that dementia can be defeated with research.


The charity needed to emotionally connect with a number of groups across society to join forces against this devastating condition.
The strength of society and science coming together was crystallised in our brand proposition for the charity: ‘The Power to Defeat Dementia’. We created a bright and powerful new identity to reflect this.
A brand book and range of creative assets were also delivered to really drive brand impact.


It’s too early to say, but internal and external reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.
The charity is going from strength to strength, growing substantially in income and supporters year on year.