Dementia will soon affect 1 million people in UK. Whilst research is the only way to defeat dementia, only 4% of people with the condition are involved in clinical trials and other research.
A recent poll found that whilst 62% of people would take part in a research study, only 1 in 5 knew how to go about it. A new national web portal connecting volunteers with clinical trials had been created by the NHS to improve volunteers’ access to dementia studies.


The opportunity to be part of a community of research volunteers was highly motivating.
The audience wanted the brand to convey a sense of positivity, progression and optimism – but also for it to be credible and easy to understand and navigate.


Insight told us the name needed to be perfectly clear, hence ‘Join Dementia Research’.
We created a striking visual identity and web design that balanced optimism with authority. Accessibility and inclusivity were key.


An amazing 5,000 people registered their interest in participating in dementia research in the first month. Their involvement could save many lives in the future.