LogoDementia is one of the greatest health challenges the world faces.

With 850,000 people in the UK affected by the condition, and one more diagnosed every 3 and a half minutes, it is a growing problem.

The only way the disease can be beaten is through research. However, one of the greatest obstacles to making research progress is the lack of volunteers taking part in potentially life-changing studies.

A recent poll found that whilst 62% of people would take part in a research study, only 1 in 5 knew how to go about it. It was clear that a major initiative was needed to improve volunteers’ awareness of and access to dementia studies; a way of streamlining the recruitment process that would enable more research to take place, bringing us closer to a cure.

Audience Social Marketing was brought on board to develop the brand and identity of the newly created service, Join Dementia Research. Our evidence-based process went right back to the roots of why the service is so vital. By meeting with carers and people with dementia, and discussing their motivations and barriers to signing up, we found out what was really important. They wanted the brand to convey a sense of positivity, progression and optimism – but also for the brand to be credible, practical and easy to understand and navigate.

By co-creating the brand with those to whom it matters most, we ensured that every element of the Join Dementia Research identity gives a sense of hope and empowerment, and inspires people to join forces with other volunteers to defeat dementia.

To read more, please visit the Join Dementia Research website. You can follow their updates on Twitter here.