The charity Rethink Mental Illness provides quality support for people with severe mental illness and their carers.  And yet only 1% of the population are aware of the charity.


In a world where misconception about mental health is rife, people with mental illness really value the honesty and depth of the support provided by the charity.
As one charity supporter said: ‘They tell you straight what might be going on, and what your options are. It’s really refreshing and honest’.


We created a high impact online and offline campaign featuring an arresting image of a real human brain with a plaster on it. Media included a mix of outdoor, press, digital and creative PR. The strapline ‘If only’ made people sit up and think about severe mental illness and the depth and variety of support that is needed.


Prompted awareness of the charity increased dramatically.
Research showed that the campaign really resonated with the public and the charity received an unprecedented number of calls to their helpline.